Monday, April 11, 2011

I Confess

It seems unfair to judge "I Confess" without familiarizing oneself with the production code a bit. Basically this movie had 5 years worth of people cutting a very deep story into a G rated movie. Avoiding more obvious topics I'd like to record a few key points I found interesting; I love the heavy religious symbolism, I feel like when people complain about it they really don't understand how religious this movie really is (many people miss the suspense in this film which almost only comes from understanding the priests circumstance). The main thing I felt worth noting was how Ruth's flashbacks reminded me so much of "All that Heaven Allows". It was such an obvious exaggeration I couldn't believe some of the comments I heard after viewing it. From the very start something is just not right. It starts with a classic Hollywood glamor shot which is totally different from the high contrast Noiresk movie we've been watching. Then we see Anne Baxter come down a spiral stair case into the shot (mind you the shot is a tilted up shot). This seems like a hint that Ruth may be a bit mad, what follows seems to be ripped out of a Dougles Sirk film. From the innocent overnight romance ended by war to the beautiful lunch ruined by a surprise storm. In the future I will think my posts out a bit more but I just had to get this out of my head.